Christine Leonard

Trainer / Pro Diva Fitness Model

I’m a personal trainer at S&B Elite Fitness in Roseville, CA. I fell in love with fitness at the age of 32. I participated in a 90 day challenge at S&B with Jason Salinas. I learned how to set a goal and hold myself accountable to reach that goal. I also learned how to properly fuel my body in order to achieve the results that I wanted. Because I had such great results I decided to compete in my very first competition. Jason was competing in a local show with The WBFF in July so we made the decision to train together. He went pro in the Male Muscle category and I placed 5th in Diva Bikini. I was hungry to compete again to earn that pro card. Through determination and dedication, I earned my pro card in Diva Fitness in November 2012. I’m a single mom of two teenage girls. They think I’m pretty cool because I am a bodybuilder. I try to lead by example with my girls. I want to teach young girls and women how to have a healthy relationship with their body. If I could put the feeling of being confident in your own skin in a bottle and give it away I would. There’s just something that happens mentally when we have a strong body and mind. We change the “I can’ts” to “I will and watch me”. I am making my pro debut this year at Worlds and I couldn’t be more excited. There’s nothing that compares to a WBFF show…the best physiques in the world, the most glamorous theme wear and evening wear, and the most spectacular stage production is why I chose the WBFF. But what’s even better is the friendships, support and encouragement from my fellow pros. I can’t wait to share the stage with these amazing athletes. Team S&B has been training hard and is ready to show the world what we’re made of!