Let the S&B Elite team of expert trainers design a personalized fitness plan based on your individual needs and goals. With your custom plan in place, you’ll then work with your own personal coach guiding and encouraging you every step of the way. Workouts are held at S&B Elite’s state-of-the-art 3,600 square foot training facility, which is equipped with the latest cardiovascular and strength training to transform your body into optimum health.

Jason, Christine and Shaun are passionate about the fitness lifestyle. “We want to give our clients the knowledge and tools they need to succeed”. They teach their clients how to make lifestyle changes. “The word ’diet’ is not something we like to use. Diets are meant to be broken. This is a journey, not a quick fix”.

And, because a healthy diet is essential to your weight loss goals, S&B Elite spends time putting together meal plans for each client. They also take the time to adjust the plan as you meet and exceed your goals. And, because each plan is built to meet your preferences and particular dietary needs, you can be assured you’ll enjoy each bite.

“You absolutely can have that dream body! Age, weight, and genetics do not matter.” says Christine. “Nothing worth having comes easy. When you work hard for something you will value it way more than if it had just been given to you. Let us help you reach your goals!”

6 Sessions

  • $85 per session

12 Sessions

  • $80 per session

18 Sessions

  • $75 per session

36 Sessions

  • $70 per session

Buddy Friendly will drop 18 or 36 session by $10 a session.

Buddy Training

$120per hour
  • Train with a Friend, Relative or Spouse
  • Minimum of 18 sessions

Team Training

$45per hour
  • Group Training
  • Minimum of 12 sessions

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